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Create new block designs
Place triangles, rectangles and trapezoids to make a new design.

Visualize fabrics on Quilt blocks
Drag fabrics to apply them to pre-made quilt blocks.

Number of pre-made quilt blocks
The free trial gives you 8 blocks to test. Subscribers access more than 100 quilt blocks.
8 Over 100

Design Quilt using Standard Layouts
Make standard sized quilts using pre-set layouts with options for borders and sashing.

Choose non-standard dimensions of the quilt  
Lay out quilts by putting the block anywhere on the quilt  
Choose the size the quilt blocks

Each block can be any size

Make you own pattern of blocks

You specify the number of rows and columns and how far apart the blocks are.


Automatically Calculate Fabric Estimates for Standard Layouts

Save your Quilt

...and your quilt blocks (and all your work)